Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bond Beauty

Over the weekend I saw Casino Royle and ate cake.

Sorry, self-medicating on mince pies and Christmas pudding is a good way to get out of a mild depression, and its easier to stop than with pints. (The recovery is a lot easier the next day too... eat fruit). It does however mean that it will take a long while to get a body as fit as Daniel Craig.

Anyway, my review of Bond.
It's broken the rules. There is no Moneypenny. There is no Q and there is no dramatic showdown in the villains lair, since the villain doesn't have a lair. And very few one-liners.
For the first time in years the open action sequence has a sense of danger rather than a sense of spectacular. The "how are they doing this without killing themselves?" came to mind while watching it.

In short it's the best Bond movie so far.

There are four detractions in the movie.

1) The title sequence. It's amazing, technicolour (the opening is a black and white flashback, and the scheme does reflect the 1967 version) and original... It's a Flash animation fight sequence...

That's right. No dancing naked girls to make Maurice Bender proud.

2) Lots of flesh, but no dancing naked girls. (I have got to see the results of that tag!) Instead we get long lingering shots of scantly (or undressed) Daniel Craig. It could have been worse. I mean I like Judi Dench but I suspect her bikini scene wouldn't make the final shot. However the Bond quicky divorce is back!

3) Felix Lighter shows up, but is an escapee from the 70's and underused (I know it's setup but...)

4) The opening theme. And infacta the music through the movie. Everyone seems to not like this years theme... Its hard to remember, until you think of the theme music to the Black Beauty (I hope this is the right one) TV series from the seventies. Sort of sounds similar right?

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Anonymous Stephen O'Callaghan said...

I was in the FCA and I can tell you DAniel Craig is an emotionless thug and a scumbag
Thanks You

2:27 p.m., November 24, 2006  
Anonymous Tomahawk said...

Personally, I wasn't sure what to make of the film.

It's a modern film made in modern times, with a modern M (Judi)

However, the storyline is the start of the Bond saga - when Bond becomes 007, and learns that love can hurt.

(And I didn't like that overly-long love scene. The point was made in the first minute - the next 10 were pointless).

So, I'm in a mixed mind about it. It wasn't a follow-on type film, as most Bond films are - it was a prequel made out of place.

As for Daniel as Bond - I'll reserve judgement until the next film. He was a great actor alright, but this film wasn't a proper Bond film, and the character wasn't the proper Bond character.


5:00 p.m., January 12, 2007  

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