Thursday, January 25, 2007

Podcasting at Barcamp

"Radio stations have listeners but podcasters have subscribers" -- Conn Ó Muíneacháin describes the radio causal and the podcast dedicated difference in the two audio types.

Next up at BarCamp SouthEast Ireland I had to decide between seeing Donncha O'Caoimh’s Wordpress talk (thankfully Argolon has videos of this talkso I get to see it and it's podcasted here.) or the podcast session. From the quote you can figure out which one I went to.

Bernie Goldbach is interesting to see in person, but arriving mid talk was a bad idea (the talk also clashed with Laurence's talk). I'm not too sure how it went, however Bernie's podcast Inside View number 49 covers all the details. In fact his talk was putting together the podcast during the talk. And talking about what he would do with the finished podcast. Still recording and then editing the podcast in front of the group is impressive. If you are interested, check the inside view podcast.

Next up was Conn's talk (which is covered in the Inside view 50 podcast ... see you may not have to attend the conference to get the conference).

The crux of Conn's talk is noise versus signal. Get as little noise in the recording at the start because every step of the way puts more noise in to the recording.

He did go through a lot more... which reminds me, Hey 2IGTV guys ... go to, download the Levelator and use the thing on your podcast. Please! Getting good levels on the recording was part of Conn's talk.

Conn and Bernie also talked about good examples of podcasts ... I need to check out, and Alex Gibson for something I can't read in the hurried notes I took at the talk. Yup, not a laptop user at a tech conference... I go old school pencil and paper.

I also know I have to NOT go to, because if I do I'm going to loose weeks...

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Blogger Dave Jones said...

Nice to hear the Inside PR podcast is getting some love from our Irish friends. I hope you do find some time to check it out and give us your feedback.

We've been having fun with it, but are sure it could be better.

All the best,


3:09 a.m., January 25, 2007  
Blogger Bernie said...

I never expected to connect to Canada or Hawaii while podcasting but both connections have happened. Now I'm trying to figure out whether there's a way to get sanctioned to podcast from Maui. I think if I could do that I could boost the uptake of Irish podcast listeners.

7:58 a.m., January 25, 2007  

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