Thursday, January 25, 2007

We're all individualised personas

"It's a Dell... you're allowed to drop it" -- handhelds going crash in the room.

Laurence Veale's personas and scenarios. Laurence who works for iQ Content came next in my attended talks at Barcamp SouthEast Ireland.

The details of his talk are in the links above.

The ideas is think about the users of your site. Not as a type. Get fairly specific.
Work out the goals of the user, what does he or she want from your site (e.g. check the search logs to see what is actually looked for). The idea isn't that different from the marketing profiles used for products. I'm not talking about ABC1 type profiles but the more detailed profiles used in the tribe splitting of a market.

Sensible idea, however I've just never considered using it in designing for the tribes.

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