Friday, March 16, 2007

Do you read me?

Tom described Twitter to me at the first Cork OpenCoffee Club in Luigi Malones.

Other than causing a spat or two it seems to do two things well.

1) It allows you to blog from your mobile phone. Depending on the type of cell phone you have this may not be inspiring (just ask Michele about his phone), but mobile blogging seems to be a way forward if nothing else. (It also allows you to receive your RSS feeds as text messages, but this is a bad idea for the phone and your sanity.)

2) It creates (false?) social relationships.

When you subscribe to a RSS feed, the blogger knows nothing about you.
When you look at someones Twitter feed (RSS for Twitter), it has a "make friend" type button on the top right hand side which allows you to subscribe to their twitter feed. (There is a "silent" subscribe link a few pages down, but scrolling and clicking are not likely).
When the owner of the feed logs in, he has friends and contacts in the networking sense. hearing Tom describe this I could hear the same tone in his voice that Rick O'Shea had when he described how influential Irish and international friends wanted to be his friend on Bebo and MySpace.

Twitter seems to succeed where MyBlogLog and LinkedIn have not. It makes the initial connection continue, long after the contact has been formed at both ends.

Or am I reading it wrong?

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