Monday, March 12, 2007

Nut Cocktails

"So what do you think of my nut cocktails?"
"You do know I'm going to have to blog that."
"Just don't mention my name"

A little background to this... For a while, before things got going at the Irish Blog Awards 2007, there was a free bar. Even after the drinks had to be paid for, the bar in the basement (beside the room with the awards ceremony) was, well, swamped by a happy mob of bloggers. I quickly gave up at the bar and headed upstairs to the main bar in the hotel.

Empty. (Has someone created a remote controlled tumbleweed?)

Almost. A rep (could have been a reporter, could have been a representative) from the Irish Times was there at the bar trying to get something to eat. I think she asked for packets of nuts, but instead of a packet, she carried two martini glasses filled with a nut mixture back to the awards.

I wonder if Ice Cream Ireland could have a little stall for next year? I doubt the hotel would let anyone but...

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