Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It will be all right on the night...

... is a load of bollix.

Its 6 days to opening night of "Birds, They Still Fly" (13th and 15th February 2007) and things are falling around my ears a bit.

The play is a costume drama (end of the Crusades, almost 13th Century and part of the Cork Arts Theatre's Cork One Act Drama Festival and contest.

Access to the venue before opening night is a problem...
Contacts with costumes and equipment have fallen through...

I'm off to buy fabric to sew the costumes right now (and trying not to succumb to the fumes of the "chain mail") and see if I can get the weaponry needed for the production in time.

The actors are a good bunch, but there is too much prompting with only 6 days to go...

The only reason things are all right on the night is because a lot hard work in done before the night.

It's like being back at the code face...

take care,

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