Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dictatorships, hard disks and fur

"Oh yeah they are getting bigger"
"In the terra and peta"
"As in animal rights"
"Petabytes does sound like a tech-animal testing group"
-- hard disk talk in case you didn't figure it out

The next talk I wanted to see what James Corbett's "How blogging got me a dictatorship". A few people pointed out that the talk is probably called "How blogging got me a directorship" but I prefer my version, and from the little bit I know Keith Bohanna who manned the whiteboard used for the constantly rescheduling conference, I think he'd like the idea.

It didn't happen. I wanted to see how blogging can be used in taking over a country... unless he meant the The people’s Ard Fheis.

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Anonymous James Corbett said...

"How blogging got me a dictatorship"

Heheh.... I've got to remember that for the next BarCamp, it would definitely be more interesting than the subject I was *really* covering! ;-)

BTW, really enjoyed your Pecha Kutcha session.

10:45 a.m., January 25, 2007  
Anonymous keith bohanna said...

Good to chat to you on Saturday Will. And you are right on both counts. I like the idea of animal rights, and of James Corbett actually giving a talk :-)


1:50 p.m., January 25, 2007  
Blogger cork-host said...

James - thanks... and you never know it might get more people to atend with that name.

And Keith... play nice

12:06 a.m., January 29, 2007  

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