Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shouting out around the town

I hate the idea of a "shout out to all the lads". It sort of smells like a bad Oscar speech (who should I link to?). But after a lunch with the former workmates I sort of got talked in to it.

I also met up with the lads (sexist I know but none of my former co-workers that blog and tell me about it are female) at the sort of jobs fair in the offices. And a few of the girls and guys who left the company over the years were (wo)manning the stands (Hello again Fiona, I'll probably meet you at the Fas thing in Dublin) and catching up with what they have been doing, who did what and if there are any jobs going.

So Hello to "the Bell ringer" a.k.a "the chemist", "The Hillwalker", "The Librarian", "abullybeef", Siasy (remember to tag!), "No Wuccas Man" and "tuff gnarl". I said I'd shout if you blogged!

And since I'm going to be hitting the Croke Park fair, I'll call in to the Irish Blog Awards 2007. I said I'd be helping. For the record, I've not given up chocolate for lent... so please look for me when you find it there...

take care,

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Anonymous Wheelman said...

your perseverence is an inspiration to me.
I actually have a play in my head which your blog has inspired.
basically its about Irelands anti americanism that takes a turn for the worse when a socialist party gets into power. I have base the leader on pat rabitte.
He kicks all americans out of ireland and declares the country a 1 party state.
The CIA send in this chuck norris character who organises the rebels in the west cork mountains and they eventually kick the socialists out(I have used the cork mountains because of the tom barry guerrilla symbolism).

At the very end the americans start to come back to ireland again and we even have a visit from the president (altough I havn't decice should he be based on bus or clinton-ideally he should be like bill pullmand out of independance day and might actually include him in the fight ing towards the end of the play)

the very last words in the play will be when the taoiseach says thank u to the chuck norris characther and chuck replies 'dont that me mr taoiseach we are all part of the same team!'

I also have another stream where rabitte actual turns good and joins the americans and the irish relbels against the socialists

best regards

2:00 p.m., March 05, 2007  
Blogger cork-host said...

Are you sure it's a play and not a major new mini-series starring William Shattner as Chuck Norris... (or senator norris, not too sure which he would be better at playing)

4:20 p.m., March 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least david norris doesnt wear a wig. any away the big casting problem would be the pat rabitte character. It a pity fianna fail isnt socailist as they have better baddies....
anyhow Ive got some bank robbers to pick up , Good luck with the job hunting man

3:03 p.m., March 08, 2007  

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