Monday, April 30, 2007

The Nutter Lottery

During the Panel discussion at Barcamp Dublin, the Kathy Sierra incident came up...

"Every [blog] reader is a lottery ticket... but a lottery you don't want to win" -- Ryan Alexander

"If you offer yor opinions to the world, people will offer theirs back" -- Darren Barefoot
"There used to be a level of fame starting with A-List and ending with the college professor with a few hundred students that knew him. Well thanks to blogs, you can have more readers than that traditional bottom level" -- Darren Barefoot

"Far worse happens on a software development board than ever happened on a social blog" -- Karlin Lillington

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Anonymous Cllr Mick Barry said...

Hi there
I hope you will all consider voting for me on the 24th. I am a proven fighter for working class people.
I also intend to take on the corporate takeover of Ireland by the likes of google.
please visit the socialist party website at

12:51 p.m., May 01, 2007  
Blogger cork-host said...

Of all the posts you could comment on...

2:49 p.m., May 01, 2007  
Blogger CoralPoetry said...


Well...The Cllr could have said "Who's Kathy Sierra?"... and why isn't she publishing MY ISP provider number on her weblog.


12:26 a.m., May 11, 2007  

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