Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Play in to the archives

Its a press release, but it might be of interest...
Cork City Libraries has begun to extend the resources of the Local Music Archive. The archive will collect two copies of recordings by Cork singers, musicians, groups, choirs, quartets, bands and orchestras across all genres of music : pop, rock, indie, jazz, traditional, classical, operatic, etc., plus 2 copies of music books and scores of Cork interest. we would be grateful if any individual, musician, group or music shop would alert us to any new material by Cork artists.

In addition to new material, the Local Music Archive will retrospectively collect material by Cork artists already released in an effort to make the archive as comprehensive as possivle.

Contact :
Cork City Libraries,
Local Studies Department,
Rory Gallagher Music Library,
or the eLibraries Services

I suppose all those mobile phone videos and bootlegs of the gigs at the Cork Midsummer Festival or the Live at the Marquee event (or anyone with a bootleg of the now ledendary Nirvina concert at Sir Henry's) should get in contact. I'm sure IMRO won't be contacted... but I haven't asked. You might want to.

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