Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dark Week - Review

Part of the problems with being in a show is that there is sometimes something else on that you want to go to. This week had the Spiegeltent and Dark Week.

I genuinely want to know how they pulled Dark Week off, mainly because I'd like to use the same format for a thriller or a murder mystery.

You walk in the back door of the Everyman Palace Theatre where the "box office manager" explains how it works.
Barge in, open every door, watch what's going on, don't mess with the cast. Feel free to follow any character around (all the characters had full stage make-up on so it was easy to identify them). Just don't spend all your time in the bar.

Actually, you could. Annette Buckley was performing music hall and jazz classic in there, so it wouldn't be a waste.

And so we see the "last days" of the Palace (shortly before it got turned in to the Everyman Cinema ... or the last days of the Everyman shortly before it got turned in to the Palace Cinema. Not too sure on the order).

And I have no idea what happened.

I mean I could have stayed in the auditorium and enjoy the "rehearsal", but I'd have missed the backstage gossip. Well apart from the explosions of emotional breakups.

If it is being done again... I'm sticking with a character and sticking with them... then coming back for another character!

Part of the "design" is that you don't see the full picture. So it would work great for a thriller set in a theatre.

I hope it's possible to repeat it, or at least the genesis of it...

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