Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Pied Piper of water softners

Awoke this morning bright and early.... I really need curtins damit.

Actually I have curtins. It's curtin poles / rods that I need.

First off, Larry showed up. Larry does water softners. The most amusing thing about this was that Larry's arrival had a pied piper effect on the builders around the estate (the estate isn't finished, but most of the house is). For some unknown reason, everyone in the area is really interested in water softners? It wouldn't have something to do with the really limey water in the area?

The unit itself is roughly 30 cm wide and fits in the press under the sink (where the mains comes in. It works by ion exchange. I'm not too sure how brine causes a change in calcium rich water in order to negate each other but the end result is fresh unlimey water.

There is a residual sodium level. If anyone knows about 3 way taps on sale in Cork, please let me know. At the moment however it looks like the outside tap is going to have an occasional jug attached to it.

If there is interest in Larry, I'll post his details on the blog...

Then he left and my floors arrived. Most people seems to think I was getting laminate flooring. No...
Carpets and lino.
Carpets don't need much of an explanation, but the lino... well, after I've finished the move, and I get part of my life back I'm intending to go cycling again.

This means that I'll be cycling in all weathers. Arriving home, a dripping bike and a sodden rider will make their way in to the kitchen. I need floors which can handle water. Laminate can't.

Dar O'Mahony also gave me a tip for the limescale. Stick half a lemon in the kettle and it should stop the scumy tea.

I'll try it out.

Oh well, off for the last night of the show...

take care,


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