Friday, June 17, 2005

Mix it up

One of the nice things of MP3 blogs is that you discover complete unknows.

Or in this case, a relative unknown.

Gavin Hardkiss, appart from having a name designed to be a Bond character is a producer and DJ and, well he does good sh/t.

He also seems to like mash-ups (be warned 100mb downloads).

However he dosent have a style. Most, er, electronic artists / groups have a style to themselves, Gavin doesn't (compare "ooh ooh ooh" with "makes me sad", actually go listen to "makes me sad", it's on the little player in the site. That track should be released as a single (or covered) right now). I think he's worked a little too long in advertising.

However, it means he's perfect for soundtracks... after all, you want the music to fit the picture, not the other way around.

take care,


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