Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The power of words

Donncha published his blogs top 10 Google keyword referrals so I thought I'd do the same.

Usually I just look at the MyBlogLog stuff, so I've ignored this up to now...

Based on the results for this week...
At number 10...
richard macilwraith Who I mentioned in a gig listing (when I did them) way way back in January 2004.

At number 9... elaine crowley tv3 who appeared in an annotated press release / event during the Cork 2005 thing.

At number 8... dog track race form for curraheen park which was from an overheard cycling comment in August 2006.

At number 7... african people in cork.ie. Huh? Even the search shows that it's separate words in different posts from an archive in February 2005. The bit which gets me is the cork.ie thing... it the site for Cork City Council.

At number 6... sponsored cycle cork The searcher got my sponsored cycle trips in 2004. However I think (s)he might have been looking for the Imokilly Charity Cycle which goes through Fermoy on May 19th (70 mile route from Youghal - Tallow – Fermoy – Rathcormac – Watergrasshill – Carrigtwohil – Midleton – Castlemartyr – Killeagh and back to Youghal in support of the Cope Foundation, Midleton Hospital and Brú Columbanus).

At number 5... a singular collection: best of hazel o'connor cd windows Again my old listing days (this time in 2003) gets me. I'm sort of glad that I have the Shared Google Calendar for gig listings now. Which reminds me.. I should update it tonight.

At number 4... shannon garda station street The parsing does not make sense. I mean, Shannon Street (unless there is a Station Street in Shannon). I assumed that ShanDon street (my caps) was the right search... however the search shows up a Garda press release to do with the Bush visit to Ireland in 2004. Which might be what is being searched for...

At number 3 ... english/slovakia dictionary. Apparantly there isn't one. The post you get is to do with Slovakia entering the EU (and Cork being twinned with it at the time). The archive is actually topped by the "Twelve STI's of Christmas" which shows just how bad my grammer is, and a search I've seen too many times on my logs.

At number 2... smacky productions A good old fake movie trailer creator (who is now on MySpace. Cool fake trailers.

And at number 1 is... Letter from the Idiot. Actually this is the number 1 keyword, but I've filtered it out from the countdown...
the real number 1 is george tennent and the variant george tennent cia. I know why he's showing up. His book At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA came out recently and is kicking up a storm in the US political arenas. On my site he shows up due to the Bill Clinton interviews with Fox.

So searches on my blog reveal politics, fake films, cycling and music releases. Proof that I cannot be pidgeon-holed.

And now some labels to tags me with...
take care,

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