Thursday, June 28, 2007

Instant Karma: Free Samples

A CD being unveiled today will showcase some of the world's biggest artists in aid of Amnesty International's Darfur campaign... blah blah blah, the full press release is available at

However that's not entirely why I'm typing...
Springwise reported on a widget and affiliate programme called GoodStorm. In theory you can create a virtual mixtape of "new" musical acts, pick songs from GoodStorm's collection tracks (or upload your own if you own the copyright) and visitors can listen to clips and purchase downloads via the widget and iTunes (and others, evenually). Essentially its an affiliate sales program built around widget technology.

And the widget for the album based on John Lennon's songs... Instant Karma is available below... (you can get the code here). Just wondering if anyone has used it. Should I?


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