Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pixenate your book

Let me tell you about Walter Higgins...

Walter created the Pixenate site which allows you to do online photo editing (so no need to download Gimp et al).

I think Walter explains it better in his interview with Intruders.TV

Well, at 9.30pm last night, after a bit of annoying him, he started working on a FaceBook version of Pixenate. At 3.30pm today he finished the FaceBook edition of Pixenate... yes folks that's 18 hours later and that time included a full nights sleep and at least on school run.

So now you can edit the photos you uploaded to FaceBook (or like me, failed to upload due to Java incompatibilities with my FireFox)

So please tell me how well it works...

Hopefully I can get to congratulate him in person at tomorrows Open Coffee. unless of course he's gone off celebrating with the Junior certs tonight.

take care,
Will Knott

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