Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Lobbying to keep the Lobby

Well, it appears that The Lobby is for sale.

I don't have the details, but can a comittee own a pub? Or does the pub have to be legally owned by a single owner? Could a group form on the internet to save one of Cork's main gig venues?

Apparantly the reason for selling up is the lack of a fire escape. And the lack of options to put one in.

Any ideas?
Any support?


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm with stupid

I'm not going to say he's stupid... but thats only because I can no longer hear his voice over the dueling banjos. - Taken from Get Fuzzy

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Gigs and things

I have a lot of posts to make, but first some news...

Back on March 4 I posted infomation on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds playing in Cork. Sorry, got an e-mail asking for details.

New stuff...

I got news that Bell X1 play Cork on March 30. Oddly their website only mentions the visit to De Barra's of Clonakilty on Tuesday April 26 and The Savoy Theatre on Wednesday April 27.

Go! Team are also due to visit Cyprus Avenue on Friday April 15. I haven't the faintest idea who they are either but with a description of "Equal parts Sonic Youth, Roxanne Shante and The Shangri-Las" they sound interesting to say the least.

And... The Half Moon Theatre has The Cure. No not the Robert Smith band but a play by Conal Creedon. Lunchtime Performances at 1.10pm from Wednesday March 30 until Friday April 1 and evening shows at 8.30pm from Wednesday March 23 until Saturday April 2.

take care,

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Quotable quotes

Bíonn siúlach scéalach - The traveler has tales to tell

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Quotable quotes

I belive that it is better to be looked over than it is to be overlooked.
- - Mae West

Sophie B

I have to admit that I thought she retired.

or something

Sophie B. Hawkins arrives in Cork to play at Cyprus Avenue on Sunday March 27. You can try her out in advance on Saturday March 26 when she plays (and is probably interviewed) on Tubridy Tonight on RTE.


Which is more offensive, congratulating someone on their pregnancy when its weight gain, or comiserating on their weight gain when its a pregnancy?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

What's so funny about a word like Flock?

Bell X1 are visiting Cork to promote their new album Flock in April.

Tickets 20 Euros from De Barras

Tickets 19 Euros
Available from Plug'd Records, Washington Street, and The Bodega, Coal Quay (1 Euro booking fee)
Also available from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide (2.50 Euros booking fee)

Is it just me or did they pick the name just for the puns like "Flocking Great" or "Fair Flocks to them"?

take care,

Kindness of strangers

I need to apologise for tardiness on my part.

I've been busy at work, planning for one project while finally finishing off another (which has been dragging on far too long).

I've been busy at play, or rather in a play, The White Quadrangle, met my daughter and a bunch of U.C.C. drama students and travelled to Limerick.

On that last note, I met up again with Carlton.. and so to an aside. Last time I met Carlton was for a day trip in Dublin, the way back I just managed to make it to Steven Berkoff in the Everyman. Just back from my near spending spree (yeah I know a bit silly) I realised I just had pocket change. The float had also dried up behind the glass. Counting out the pennies (one cent coins literally) I came in 10 cent short.

The lady behind me in the queue came to my rescue.

I have no idea who she was (I met her again at the interval, turns out she is a friend of a friend who was also there, and I thanked her then), but if it wasn't for her, I'd have had an early long walk home.

Sometime I do really rely on the kindness of strangers.

take care,

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What's in a number

Just a quickie,

JJ72 have announced details of their new album and live dates around Ireland including a trip to The Vaults on May 6.

Having replaced Hilary Woods with Sarah Fox, formerly a bassist for The Valves, the band have spent the 2004 working on their follow-up to 2002’s "I To Sky". The trio will release their third album in summer preceded by a yet-to-be-decided download single at the beginning of May.

The Dubliners are also confirmed for the Download Festival (June 10), where they’ll be playing alongside Black Sabbath, System of a Down and Feeder.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Showground Party

Cork 2005 Live at the Marquee is a two-week star-studded season of music and comedy, taking place this summer in a specially designed marquee with a capacity to accommodate 4,000 people in the Cork Showgrounds. Some of the biggest acts in Ireland and from abroad will perform over the two weeks, 30th June - 17th July.
Tickets are on sale now.

Brian Wilson will launch the Cork 2005 Marquee extravaganza on June 30, the first ever appearance by the Beach Boy, who gave the world such seminal albums as "Pet Sounds" and "Smile", in the southern capital.

The season will continue with exclusive Cork performances from international artists Al Green, Nick Cave, Dwight Yoakam, and Gypsy Kings, Irish legends Van Morrison, Christy Moore and Paul Brady and such hugely popular acts as Tommy Tiernan, Paddy Casey, Ronan Keating, Aslan and Brian McFadden.

The line up is...

Brian Wilson - 30 June
Aslan - 01 July
Brian McFadden - 02 July
Gypsy Kings - 04 July
Al Green - 05 July
Nick Cave - 06 July
Van Morrison - 07 July
Paul Brady - 08 July
Dwight Yoakam - 09 July
Tommy Tiernan - 10 July
Paddy Casey - 14 July
Ronan Keating - 16 July
Christy Moore - 17 July

Ocean to City

On Saturday 4th June this year there will be a race from Roches Point to Cork City - a City of Culture event. The race is open to any type of vessel, from sailing ships to canoes.
The official launch of the Ocean to City race is taking place this evening at 6pm in the Millenium Hall at the City Hall - entry from Eglantine Street. If you are interested in finding out more you should go along, everyone is welcome and there will probably be some "refreshments".

Meitheal Mara are playing a big part in organising this event and you will be able to meet some of their members and possibly get involved in helping to row a currach in the race.

If only I could swim...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cork linked to Northern Bank robbery

Rather than commenting on this I'll link directly to Slugger O'Toole and this comments.

Quotable Quotes

"You can't focus the camera with a tear in your eye", war photographer Don McCullin

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Eat two sweeties

Out of Caesar is a re-working of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar as performed by
the MA students of Drama and Theatre Studies, U.C.C.
The piece explores physically and vocally the notions of duplicity and duality, of love and honour and of the divided self.Shakespeare's original Julius Caesar plays with time and it's conventions, in Out of Caesar time is wilfully thrown out of joint and asks is Caesar a man or an idea and does he (or she) belong in our time?

It's on in the Granary from today until Saturday March 5 at 8pm. Tickets are €8/€5.

And now for the personal note. I have no odea how this is going to work out, but it's the reason that Drama MA's had to drop out of the The White Quadrangle project on Match 17 (Paddy's Day) in the UCC Quadrangle from 7pm-8.15pm.

And yes I'm in it.

take care,