Friday, January 30, 2004

A Three Fingered Salute

Gentle reader,

Dave Bradley has retired.


Well in his own words.....


I claim to have "invented" CTL-ALT-DEL. In September, 1980 I was one of the 12 engineers in IBM that moved from the System/23 DataMaster development to a project called Acorn. Over the next 6 months I wrote nearly all of the assembly language code that became the ROM BIOS of the IBM PC (Appendix A of the original Technical Reference Manual). Included in that was the horribly messy keyboard decoding logic that contain the CTL-ALT-DEL sequence.

During development it had become obvious that we needed a way to warm reboot the system when programs hung. We didn't have a reset button, and even if we had had one, it would have sent the processor all the way back through the long Power On Self Test. So I added a special key sequence that would effectively reset the hardware, but would bypass the long memory test. I had done something similar in the System/23 DataMaster.

I chose the keys so that (a) it would be unlikely to accidentally hit the combination, so there were three widely spaced keys, and (b) it wouldn't take much code to do it (we used 8168 bytes of the 8192 available to us) so two keys were shift keys.

We originally hadn't intended to make it a user feature, but it became so much a part of the software development process (" start the program, insert the diskette and hit CTL-ALT-DEL...") that it became a public part of the system.

Dr. Dave

Dave Bradley


take care,

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Free gig...

Hal are a four piece band from Killiney, Dublin. Recently signed to Rough Trade they are one of the most exciting bands to emerge in recent years and are the name to watch in 2004. Their melodic yet sophisticated song structures, intimate, gorgeous harmonies and Dave Allen’s richly distinctive voice create moments of pure pop genius.

Now that their ego's are stroked...

Hal play their first ever cork show in Pine Lodge, Myrtleville on Friday 30th Jan, doors 9pm, adm FREE!

Weather facts

Gentle reader,

Well my pots of Holly (I'm thinking of Christmas in a few years time) are well and truly frozen. I hope they survive.

So this little falsehood is timely...

False: No two snowflakes are alike.

Snowflakes are six-sided crystals composed of about 1018 water molecules, giving them unimaginable -- but not infinite -- potential for variation.
In 1988, Nancy Knight, a meteorologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (the US one), discovered two identical snowflakes that had been collected from clouds above Wisconsin. The snowflakes apparently formed as conjoined twins.

take care,
in the cold,

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Oscars are nominated

Gentle reader,

I haven't been to the cinema as much as I'd like, but I'm going to throw my predictions in to the Oscars just like everyone else...

Actor in a leading role

Johnny Depp - Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
Ben Kingsley - House Of Sand And Fog
Jude Law - Cold Mountain
Bill Murray - Lost In Translation
Sean Penn - Mystic River

Jude Law has been nominated a few times over the years, as has Sean Penn. I soft of remember Ben Kingsley winning. Looking at the Golden Globes (tm) the winners were Penn and Murray. However the two most talked about were Depp's and Murray's roles. I think Bill Murray will win this one.

Actress in a leading role

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Whale Rider
Diane Keaton - Something's Gotta Give
Samantha Morton - In America
Charlize Theron - Monster
Naomi Watts - 21 Grams

I have seen none of these. However my money would be on Charlize Theron. She won the globe. Her character in Monster is a feat of acting (and quite a bit of make-up, but mostly acting). She has proven that she's more than a pretty face (which is an important thing to prove).

Actor in a supporting role

Alec Baldwin - The Cooler
Benicio Del Toro - 21 Grams
Djimon Hounsou - In America
Tim Robbins - Mystic River
Ken Watanabe - The Last Samurai

Seen none of these either. Heard little about any of these except for "In America". So I hope Djimon Hounsou wins this one.

Actress in a supporting role

Shohreh Aghdashloo - House Of Sand And Fog
Patricia Clarkson - Pieces Of April
Marcia Gay Harden - Mystic River
Holly Hunter - Thirteen
Renée Zellweger - Cold Mountain

Seen none of these, but based on the politics from last year...Renée Zellweger.

Best picture

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
Lost In Translation
Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
Mystic River

This is the third and final blockbuster which is LOTR. Lost in Translation however has caught a lot of attention. Also the Golden Globes (tm whatever) awarded them (Best Motion Picture - Drama and Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical). I'm split, but based on the money... The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King.

Foreign language film
I can't say a thing here... so I'm skipping it!

City Of God
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
Lost In Translation
Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
Mystic River

And the winner is Peter Jackson for that thing with Hobbits.

Animated feature film
Brother Bear
Finding Nemo
The Triplets Of Belleville

Bear won't win. Belleville didn't make that big a splash. Nemo wins.

Music (score)
Big Fish
Cold Mountain
Finding Nemo
House Of Sand And Fog
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

And the winner is that thing with the elf nancy boy.

Music (song)
Into The West - The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow - A Mighty Wind
Scarlet Tide - Cold Mountain
The Triplets Of Belleville - The Triplets Of Belleville
You Will Be My Ain True Love - Cold Mountain

And the winner is that thing with the ring.

Writing (adapted screenplay)
American Splendor
City Of God
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
Mystic River

Let's face it, it is going to be Peter Jackson's night.
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

Writing (original screenplay)
The Barbarian Invasions
Dirty Pretty Things
Finding Nemo
In America
Lost In Translation

Here is where things get interesting.
Nemo won't.
I know nothing of the Invasions.
Lost, is very well written.
Dirty and America had the critics in bits!
It's one of these. One is a thriller and the other, closer to a standard drama about the same subject... immigrations.

I'm hoping the Sheridan Family will collect this one for In America.

take care,

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Gentle reader,

Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882), 'Journals,' 1836

I know that work shouldn't get to me, but I don't have a real life. I use work instead (a bit healther than using TV shows and donughts, but less healthy and satisfying than a full life).

I need a real life.

I got close this weekend.

I went out.

I saw Elephant perform at the Lobby. The reason I even went was due to Catherine.

She and I ended up in a show together (no, doing shows does not count as having a life. It's more extending work in to different completely unrelated areas). The show in question was "Jesus Christ, Superstar" so there was a lot to do.

Anyway she mentioned that she was in a band called Elephant. I said that it was a terrible name for a band. however Eights monts later, having seen neither hide nor hair of (almost) any of the show people, I still remembered the band's name.

They are good. Very good. Their don't have a proper style being somewhere between jazz, blues and folk.

May they never find one since the blend works so well.

Oh and never do "Kiss me" by "Sixpence none the richer", since you sound a little too like them at times.

They have an (un-named as of yet) album out sometime in March, it's already on my "must get" list.

take care,

Monday, January 26, 2004

Info Dump : news

Gentle reader,
A little light news...

"Catering For Headphones" is the new album from the Waiting Room which includes the radio single
Another Take. The official launch will be in the Half Moon on February 12.

In other news Michael Carr, writer, DJ and head of Blue Monkey studios has taken over as host of The Green Room on 96FM/103FM.
This is their alternative Irish music show goes out from 6pm-7pm on Saturday nights.

Staying with broadcasters, the new season of Network 2's live music show "Other Voices: Songs From A Room" (brilliant but mixed) kicks off next in February. Airing a 20 week run at 11.20pm from Tuesday February 10, the live action takes place at St. James' Church in Dingle and is introduced by Jerry Fish.

The order of shows has yet to be confirmed but includes Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club, Bellx1, Luka Bloom, Karen Casey, Paddy Casey, Cara Dillon, The Handsome Family, Glen Hansard, Gemma Hayes, The Jimmy Cake, Christy Moore, Declan O'Rourke, Rodrigo y Gabriella, Bic Runga, Pauline Scanlan, Simple Kid, Turn, and The Tycho Brahe.

take care,

Info Dump : Gigs

Gentle reader,

I've a lot of news, so here is everything in one giant info dump.

The Triskel Arts Centre presents Soweto Kinch on Sunday 25 January at 8.00pm, €18.00.
He is one of the UK’s most exciting and versatile jazz saxophonists. An alto player who is developing his own sound; rich, energetic and dynamic. Soweto’s debut album, Conversations with the Unseen, landed him a MOBO Award for ‘Best Jazz Act’ in September 2003, he also holds the mantle of ‘Rising Star’, as awarded by BBC Radio Jazz Awards. In addition to the alto saxophone, Soweto plays soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, and piano.
Soweto will be joined on stage by guitarist Femi Temowo, double bassist Michael Olatuja and drummer Troy Miller.
Box Office: 021 4272022

The Triskel Arts Centre also presents Clive Barnes on Friday 6
February, 8pm, €10.00.
Triskel Arts Centre is hosting a premiere performance of the lap slide guitar man's new album, Goldtooth Cinnamon. Barnes’ wide-ranging and eclectic musical taste has propelled him along a road of constant exploration and evolution. Clearly influenced by old blues, bluegrass and jazz, he has evolved from these a distinct style of his own.
Generally acknowledged as one of the most gifted acoustic guitarists Ireland has produced, Barnes is joined on Goldtooth Cinnamon by three of the country’s most distinguished musicians: Paul Kelly (Townes Van Zandt, Sharon Shannon etc) on fiddle and mandolin, Garvan Gallagher (Mary Black) on bass and drummer Dave Hingerty (ex The Frames).
Box Office: 021 4272022

Scotty Moore & The Grundy Pritchard Band presents The Legendary Sun Sessions in the Cork Opera House on Sunday 14 March, Doors 7.30pm, €25.

Born Winfield Scott Moore III on December 27, 1931 at home on a farm 5 miles
from Gadsden and 5 miles from Humboldt Tennessee the youngest by 14 years of
a family of 4 boys. Began playing guitar at the age of 8 learning from
family and friends.

By 1954 while living and working in Memphis and working with Sam Phillips at Sun Records.
In July of 1954 at the request of Sam Phillips auditioned a young singer, Elvis Presley, recommended by Sam’s secretary Marion Keisker. This audition yielded the recording "That’s Alright Mama" and began a 14 year career as Elvis Presley’s guitarist, his first manager and a lifelong friendship (not to mention ushered in an era that would forever change the face of American popular music).
Over the years he has toured, recorded and produced the Blue Moon Boys (Elvis, Bill and eventually drummer DJ Fontana), Carl Perkins, Ringo Star, Dolly Parton, Carol Burnett, Ann-Margrett, Bob Hope, Perry Como, Minnie Pearl, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Joey Heatherton, The Bill Black Combo, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Jeff Beck, Levon Helm, Jim Weider, Rick Neilson, and others.
In early April of 2003 he recorded an album in Nashville with Alvin Lee of "Ten Years After" along with D.J. Fontana on drums, Pete Pritchard on bass and Willie Rainsford on keyboards. The album will be mixed at Alvin's Space Studios in England in May.

Turning from gigs to art for a moment, we are back in the Triskel...

Dust by Emma Donaldson showing in gallery two of the Triskel Arts Centre from Friday 9 January till Thursday 5 February.
Dust is an autobiographical video installation exploring the nature of memory and reminiscence of a particular duration of time.

Take2 by Suzannah O’Reilly showing in gallery one of the Triskel Arts Centre from Friday 9 January till Thursday 5 February.
Suzannah O'Reilly's work explores issues that concern the deployment and place that human cloning will have in our collective future. Printmaking is a form of genetic printing and in her work, O'Reilly attempts to illustrate the process and disposability inherent in animal and human cloning.

and an addendum to the Anto Yau gig in the Cruiscin Lan on 5 February.
The support acts for the gig are AJ + Tom and Brian O'Mullane.

Back again... The Triskel Arts Centre presents Strands ’04 curated by dotdotdot music.
A three concert series (January, February and March) featuring some of the most exciting musicians currently playing on the UK and Irish jazz improvised scene

John Butcher on Saturday 31 January, 8pm, €10.00.
He began playing the saxophone professionally in the early 80’s working in jazz, contemporary dance and music theatre. His music ranges through free improvisation, his own compositions, multi-tracked pieces and also live electronics.

John Edwards on Saturday 28 February, 8pm, €10.00.
The double-bassist is a regular player on the London improvised music scene and a frequent player on European festival stages. Expect a performance at the foreground of contemporary improvisation practise.

Chris Burns on Saturday 3 April, 8pm, €10.00.
He is renowned for his performances of the piano music of Henry Cowell, John Cage and other contemporary composers, sometimes including compositions and improvisations in the same concert. As an improviser, Chris Burns has forged a unique style of piano playing by developing a multitude of alternative techniques, both on the keyboard and inside the instrument.

Box office: 021 4272022

An now for a lot of Half Moon gigs...

The Half Moon Theatre presents Lloyd Cole on Thursday 5 February, 9pm, €20.
'Music In A Foreign Language' is Lloyd Cole’s first release in over 8 years, the last being ‘Love Story’ in 1995. It is the glorious result of Lloyd honing his acoustic set over the past couple of years. Recorded straight into a Mac in his New England hideaway (he moved there in 1999) the new record reveals Cole as a consummate folk guitarist – both acoustic steel and Spanish.
Booking: 021 427 00 22

The Half Moon Theatre presents the Esbjörn Svensson Trio on Friday 13 February, 8pm, €20.
With a cult reputation now firmly secured, e.s.t. have established themselves as one of the most exciting jazz trios in the world. It is rare for a group to live up to its hype, but in e.s.t.'s case the hype is true. It's also true that they have achieved the virtually impossible feat of producing some of the most innovative, thoughtful and intensely rigorous music while at the same time attracting an audience outside the usual jazz one, from rock to the youngest hip-hop fans.
Booking: 021 427 00 22

Half Moon Theatre presents John Hammond on Tuesday 17 February, 8pm, €20.
From coffeehouses to concert halls, festivals and beyond, John Hammond has spent forty years entertaining blues, folk and rock audiences around the world, performing intense solo-acoustic blues. A Grammy Award winner and four time nominee, Hammond is also a multiple W.C. Handy award winner who has shared the stage and/or recorded with many of the masters, including Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf.
Booking: 021 427 00 22

Half Moon Theatre & Fèile Africa present Oumou Sangare on Wednesday 25th February, 8pm, €20/€22.
Like all the genuine 'greats' of any musical genre you may care to mention, Oumou Sangare owes her position in the West African Hall of Fame to something over and above the ability to sing well. Songwriter, social commentator, champion of women’s rights, spokesperson for her generation and her sex, Oumou is more than just a mere ‘singer’. She is something closer to a phenomenon because she embodies values and struggles many people care deeply about; because she is an African, and above all, an African woman, who speaks her mind without a trace of fear.
Booking: 021 427 00 22

Lobby Promotions presents Paul Kelly on Saturday 28 February, 8pm, €15.
"While he was (rightly) lauded for his ability to sing of injustice without ranting, or deal with the darker sides of human nature non-judgementally, often overlooked was the fact he could write a damn fine melodic hook to go with those words. But it's the lyrics that make Kelly's work special…his essential humanity and talent for a tune remain intact" – Rolling Stone
Booking: 021 – 427 00 22

The Triskel Arts Centre presents Maria Tecce in a Special Valentine’s Night Show called "All About Love" on (when else) Saturday 14 February, 8pm, €17.00.

Maria is fast becoming a bright star on the jazz cabaret scene in Ireland, and she will perform All About Love as a Valentine’s Night treat in Cork at Triskel Arts Centre.
She has had a busy few years - her one-woman production All About Love was a sell-out success in the ESB Dublin Fringe Festival in 2002, guest appearances saw Maria supporting Dionne Warwick at her sold-out gig in Vicar Street and Jerry Fish at The Ambassador, culminating in a special Christmas show at the Helix in 2003. With All About Love expect an enchanting evening of jazz, blues, and original songs performed with elegance, spellbinding power and energy - for those interested in something special for Valentine’s Night, All About Love is the natural choice!

take care,

Friday, January 23, 2004

Indie news

Gentle reader,

Mostly indie news from the sources...

Autamata kick off year with a frenzy of activity with a new single, "Jellyman" released on 20 February on RG Records and accompanied by a fantastic D.A.D.D.Y. produced animated video.

This is the next phase of the international schedule that has been put in place since the band signed a worldwide deal with the London-based RG Records. Autamata’s My Sanctuary album gets a full international release on 8th March (5th March in Ireland) in its brand new remixed and remastered form.

Bell X1 have just returned from their junket which included a live show at the Eurosonic Festival (chosen by RTE as one of 2 bands representing Ireland) which was recorded for broadcast on national stations throughout Europe. They will be heading off on another tour of the UK at the beginning of March with Aqualung. Meanwhile Paul and Dave from the band will be playing at the Children of Bam benefit gig in Vicar Street, Dublin on Wed 28 January in aid of Save The Children.

will have a 1 hour TV documentary

The Damien Dempsey documentary will be broadcast by RTE 1 on Tues 3 February at 10:15pm. Its drawn from filming over the last couple of years in Ireland, the UK and America and features contributions from Sinead O’Connor, Christy Moore and Shane MacGowan as part of the truly illuminating footage that makes up the film.

The Frames have signed a record deal with Anti (left-field subsidiary of the hardcore Epitaph label) covering the world except for Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The band’s first international release through the label will be the live "Set List" album on 23 February.

Currently working on tracks for their forthcoming studio album the band head to the U.S. at the beginning of March for the beginning of a tour with Damien Rice. They have also been invited to perform in China in May as part of a government cultural exchange programme.

Franz Ferdinand have the 2FM's Full Irish presenter ranting (fairly normal really). The Glaswegian 4-piece are currently on their 2nd single, "Take Me Out" (recorded with Cardigans producer Tor Johannsen), which has just débuted at No 3 in the UK Singles Chart.

Their début self-titled album is released in Ireland on 6 February and looks set to be the mighty Domino label’s most successful release to date.

La Rocca, the Dublin-based 4-piece who closed off 2003 with the release of "Sing Song Sung" (Wet Clay), an EP of infectious guitar-pop tunes, have promised to refund anyone who is not delighted with their forthcoming dates. Considering the value for money their Lobby gig on January 22 with Rulers Of The Planet represents, it's even better value.

Cork boy Simple Kid releases a new single, "Truck On", on 6 February on 2M Records. It is taken from his highly acclaimed self-titled album which was released in late 2003.

Snow Patrol’s current album, Final Straw, went straight into the Irish Top 20 on release and was voted No 13 best album of the year in Tom Dunne’s Pet Sounds end of year poll. And now, with the imminent release of new single "Run" (23 Jan), things seem to be kicking off for the Irish 4-piece in the UK with the single and it’s accompanying video eliciting a deluge of positive praise.

And for those eager for new music from the band you can download an exclusive track, “Half The Fun” for free via the band’s website.

Woodstar release a new single "Suicide Way" on Wet Clay on 6 February – coinciding with the release of the same song in the UK but under the title "Cold Cold Heart". February 6 is also the day that they are playing the Old Oak in Cork.

take care,

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Three is the magic number

Gentle reader,

With reference to my post below...

It appears that there was an IRMA / CD Wow settlement.

€3 per CD.

take care,

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

CD Wow settled

News (from the BBC) just in!

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the British version of IRMA and CD-Wow! were due to have gone to court in two weeks' time.
CD-Wow! had been accused of violating UK copyright law by importing cheaper CDs from outside Europe to the UK.

"As a result of the settlement CD Wow! has agreed that it will not sell CDs that have been first placed on the market outside Europe to UK and Irish customers. ..."
--BPI chairman Peter Jamieson

"It will only sell CDs that have first been placed on the European market to UK and Irish customers. All other details of the settlement are confidential"
--BPI chairman Peter Jamieson

You noticed the Irish bit I assume.
I don't know if the settlement includes the IRMA lawsuit, but I suspect the result will be the same (the euro equivalent of £2 sterling added as a surcharge on to every CD sent to Ireland).


Still makes them cheaper than the shops.


take care,

Eddie Fleming

Gardai at Bandon, Co. Cork, are appealing for the publics' assistance in locating the whereabouts of 34 year old Eddie Fleming.

Eddie has been missing from his home in the Pearse Street area of Bandon since December 18 2003. He is described as 5'5", short dark hair, and when last seen he was wearing a dark denim jacket and jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Gardai at Bandon on

Future bluesky watching

Gentle reader,

It always takes me a while to workout the Sirius Arts Centre mails, mainly since they arrive slightly garbled

Preston Reed
Thursday 26 February at 8pm
Tickets €12

Reed attacks the entire guitar in a never-ending search for the orchestra he knows is lurking inside. His two hands racing up and down the fret board in a storm of tapings, slappings and hammerings to create a rock/jazz rhythm section, melody line and chordal accompaniment simultaneously. Drawing on blues, rock, funk and jazz influences among others, he weaves and melds genres, rhythms and textures to produce a signature sound.

Saturday 13 March at 8pm
With support Paul Tiernan
Tickets €15

Following magnificent appearance on ‘The late late show’ as well as the unprecedented success of the ‘Other voices’ album (top ten Irish album). For these acoustic concerts Interference will be Fergus O’Farrell on vocals, Paul Tiernan on guitar and the ever haunting combination of cello (Bernard Galen) and violin (Marja).

Supporting Interference will be Paul Tiernan. Paul is well known both for his guitar playing as well as being a highly original songwriter in his own right.

Tir na nÓg
Friday 19 March 8pm
Support Derek Gill
Tickets €15

The well-known duo of Leo O’Kelly and Sonny Condell formed in the early 70’s. Cited as one of the most influential groups to come from these shores, Jimmy McCarthy calls them the "Irish Beatles", David Kitt said he was blow away by "that mix of Irishness, folk and Led Zepplin" and the Irish Times says that performances by Tir Na nÓg are "a night to savour."

Clive Barnes
Saturday 27 March 8pm
Tickets €10

"Clive Barnes plays lapslide and regular acoustic guitar, his songs are achingly beautiful, played with a passion rarely seen and an intensity impossible to fake" said the Boston Globe (USA)

take care,
Gentle reader,

Yeah it's a Dublin gig, but it's on Paddy's Day and it's Shane MacGowan. Love him or hate him he is more or less a national icon.

Tickets are on sale now for Shane MacGowan's March 17 gig at the Olympia in Dublin. Tickets for the "Popes-assisted" show are €28.50.

take care,


More news from the Lobby,

Mary Coughlan
with Bill Shanley and James Delaney play (guess where) The Lobby on Wednesday February 18.

Advance tickets €15 from The Lobby

take care,

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


RKF05 Crane Orphnoch on the toy site Hobby Link Japan.

From Kamen Rider Faiz' 'Rider Kaijin series' we have the Crane Orphenoch. The Crane Oprhenoch can shriek at extremely high frequencies to disable an enemy. The Crane Orphenoch is a powerful opponent indeed!

(toy does not actually defeat enemies)

Some kids ask for too much.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Spam just in

Mon 13:23 Lindsey Mccracken
RE:CC:Bigger perms with the New pill 925b

So big hair is back!

National News

News Just in,

A 19 year old man has been arrested a short time ago under Section 3 of the Air Navigation and Transport Act, he is detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act at Shannon Garda station in relation to yesterdays security alert on a Delta Airline's flight. He can be detained for up to 12 hours.

This is the "prank" (well that's what it looks like now) which caused the diversion and grounding of the flight. I can see why it was taken, and is being taken, seriously.

Only one word comes to mind. Idiot.

I just hope this was done by one of those MTV people so those programmes (Jackass, Dirty Sanchez, etc) will stop.

take care,

Housing authority

Gentle reader,

Ended up going light shopping with the Librarian. Or rather shopping for a light.
He's more or less discovered that it's not bright enough to read in the dark recesses of his library (which is what happens when you place shelves between the windows and the books. However as "the fair maiden" pointed out a while back, it's a bit "couple-ish".

Now then, It must be admitted that we are both thinking of buying a house. Or rather two houses. While we might continue to share if the other buys a house, it would only be for a little while.

It's surprising how other people can get on your nerves. (I have yet to live with my clone, no doubt we would both hate it). I suppose it's easier if they are blood relations (siblings and parents) in that you are used to each other, and you still can't stand them.
If you are sleeping with them (and there is no way am I going to sleep with the librarian, unless it's for a large cash prise and the memories are wiped afterwards) boy/girlfriend, sibling, f***-buddies (if they still exist, doubtful, emotions would get in the way if a house share was taking place at the same time) then I suppose it's considered a pay off. Then you have a vested interest in not getting on each others nerves (and you have more options for stopping them, "initiating romantic overtures" may be a little clinical, but it will stop them from humming "Mandy" for the tenth time that hour).

I've known the librarian since more or less my first day at college, and years of knowing someone means you know when to avoid them. But, and there is always a but. But I don't see a long term, er, commitment taking place anytime soon. When I can afford to break out on my own, I probably will. As will he.

So, anyone know what the lotto numbers are for Wednesday?

take care,


Even though the handbook is a hysterical Italian-English translation ("playfully and in the best way will an adequate use of force be stimulated" was my favourite), I gradually got the gist.
-- Fiona Millar.

Friday, January 16, 2004

More Cork news

As part of an ongoing operation in to the sale and supply of ecstasy Gardaí from the Garda National Drugs Unit and The Cork Regional Drugs Unit seized 500,000 ecstasy tablets valued at €5 million.
One male was arrested early this afternoon in the Mountrath area of Co. Laois.
The 31 year old man is detained under S2 of the Drug Trafficking Act in Anglesea Garda Station,Cork.


Gentle reader,

I don't really know who Barra O'Tuama is but he appears to have opera to hand.

The Opera Gala at Cork City Hall is sponsored by Bord Gáis featuring the superb Australian Tenor Julian Gavin, the Soprano Suzannah Clarke and the magnificent Italian Baritone Giuseppe Altomare all accompanied by Philli P Thomas with special guests in the form of the Airport Singers conducted by Anne Healy-Mayes.

The gala takes place in the City on Saturday January 24.

There is a second Gala in April featuring the return of the world’s leading Verdi Baritone Paolo Gavanelli with Special Guest Maurizio Saltarin (Tenor) and the Pro Arte Orchestra. The conductor for the evening will be Colman Pearce. Again in the City Hall this time on Saturday April 3.

For tickets to these events on the City Hall contact the Cork Opera House Booking Office (021 4270022). The tickets are on sale there due to the closure of the Central Box Office.

take care,

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Questions answered

Hi Will,

"Cyprus Avenue is part of the Old Oak - not sure if it's the upstairs or the side or what, but the name is over the Caroline St. entrance IIRC..."

What can I say but...
Thanks Mile

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Cyprus Avenue?

Gentle reader,

Woodstar are nominated for the category of ‘Best Irish New Act’ in the 2004 Meteor Awards.

They also have a new single "Suicide Way" due out on February 6.

And more to the title February 6 is the day they are playing in Cork.
According to their e-mail

Friday 6th February - The Old Oak (Cyrpus Avenue), Cork

But there isn't a Cyrups Avenue in Cork (well not according to my Street Map anyway.

Any ideas?

take care,

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

French impressions

Gentle reader,

Jean one of our resident Frenchmen is leaving us. He sent out his observations of his time in the country, and well here they are. Some names have been changed to prevent the beatings...

Ladettes, Lads,

Here we are, after 4 fantastic years spent in your country, I grab my bag again and sets sail to other horizons.

Will it be as nice and good?? It has to and there is no reason why it shouldn't be...but surely, it will be different. I am leaving Ireland with my head full of wonderful souvenirs and big big love for this incredible, amazing and insolent green little island which is so proud of its tradition, culture, identity.
I'll remember forever the incredible nights out in the pubs, the craic, the music (best Irish band I have seen plays every Sunday in the Counihans), the beautiful landscapes...and I have even met a few true friends over here.

Staying here for 4 years gave me, I believe, a good perception of the country and some of the things are actually amazing when you are not prepared. If we take sport as a vehicle for example, there is a number of things the average European will discover with eyes of incredulity.

For example, on my very first day in Ireland, 31 Oct 99, I was looking for a pub where I could watch the RWC semi-final NZ-France. At the time, I was staying in Blackrock in a sweet B&B (Aras Tara, best B&B in Cork) and finally found a place to watch the game in "The Venue" pub.
Cool, the pub is packed, the atmosphere will be fierce for sure! Who are they going to support, Les Bleus ou Les Blacks? Have a guess... You're wrong in any case, they'll shout for Blackrock (Black-who? Surely you mean all Blacks!) since today is the Hurling county championship final and nobody gives a shit about this rugby game.

Hurl? What? Hurling! I see. At 15.00, KO of the SF of the RWC, they all go and am finally alone in the pub to watch the Rugby... and to be fair, I still have no regrets for what a game it was (Blackrock won for the first time since...)

Hurling was going to haunt me anyway for the next 4 years. It's there in your day to day life. You don't believe me? Soccer, first game with the company soccer team, first shoulder contact as well... I still have the taste of the grass in my mouth. The ref didn't see anything wrong. "Yes boy, here you'll face GAA players, they are fit". No they're not fit, they are brutal! "Couldn't see anything wrong with that challenge kid". And then : "So Jean how is soccer in Ireland?" -- "Physical, Sir". Once you get used to it, you manage to avoid 90% of the challenges and then you start to put good challenges yourself, break a few legs and elbow a few jaws but that doesn't matter I was just getting fit.

Hurling is there as well in your stomach, very heavy. You go with a bunch of friends to support the Rebel county against the Clare guys. The day is perfect, you're drinking a few pints, Cork wins easily, and you get to shake hands with the O'Hailpin brothers.
Class day.
And then, you're invited to join Daly, Flynn, Flynn and O'Riordan for a harmless burger that the guy is cooking on the radiator of his van. The day is so nice, there is possibly nothing bad that can happen to me, is there?
Passed the traditional 3 hours traffic jam in Cashel, you start to feel a bit strange in your stomach. I have to resist and be strong. But the other 4 Paddies, of course, they were thirsty so we had to stop for a few (as you say) in Fermoy. They wanted to watch "Match of the day" to see exactly if Joe Deane touches the ball 4 or 5 times before giving it to Setanta and they were unsure as well if Setanta was wearing a ring on his left or right index, or not. Huge details and yes, I agree! We have to be sure of that.
Of course, the summary of the Cork game was the last summary of the day shown.
The show lasted 1 hour or so. I saw the generic and the bye-bye by the presenters. For me, Match of the day was spent in the Jacks disagreeing strongly with the cooking technique of the Thurles Burger makers. The lads, on the way home, were throwing yellow and blue balloons to the few Clare supporters, my ammunition were a little bit more liquid.

And then, finally, it is OK, Hurling is gone from you life... but don't worry there is football, Gaelic football that is. I tried that and liked it. Thanks to Jerome and Daly, they gave me a 5 minutes run and I have a cap in GAA. So, Ok, you know they are brutal but it's all right you're prepared for that. First ball in the air, good catch from the French international. What a fall as well, three guys on my back. Suddenly, in my mind : " I'll have to check in the Roberts and Collins for a term that is actually stronger than brutal... maybe bestial". I was scared!!!
After this shock I patiently waited for the end of the game, determined to not risk my life anymore. So I watched all those guys, unfit guys I should say, such as Kelly, Canty, Paudie, Geary, Fozzie....Yes, they're not bad. I took the opportunity to give them a few tricks to enhance their game. They haven't thanked me yet but it will come. On the other hand, when we see the perfs of the Cork football team lately, I expect any minute a call for my selection in the inter-county championship!

Amazing as well the way the rugby hierarchy changed since I joined. To make it short, before I came France had beaten Ireland 18 years in a row. So of course, on the very first game between our friendly countries I was all smile and I was slagging heavily my Irish friends. Yes, but that was on a glorious day, in March 2000 and for the first time in 18 years, Ireland beats France, in Paris. The only good thing on that day is that a world class rugby player was born: Brian O'Driscoll. I can't possibly quantify the amount of abuse I got on that occasion. The games in Lansdowne were an incredible experience as well.

Ok, Ok that's already to long for a mail, I know that. I could as well have praised the true beauty of Ireland (My top three would be 1- Beara Peninsula; 2- Wicklow mountains, 3-Dingle, Mizen Head, cliffs of Moher, Burren, Conemara..) or the fantastic musical culture but I thought that would have been classic.

I'll finish with an other amazing experience -- Stag parties.
I did very few of them but I think of one in particular that was not a very common one. I won't name the big guy since he could be in trouble (for the record, no it's not me--Will) but however it happened in West Cork. Beautiful place really. The activities were very much pub oriented (even though some of us went canoeing and that we had a gaelic football game against Castlehaven which were to become, I believe, county champions even though on the day they were very much impressed by a classy performance of our team). Yes we spent a bit of time in the pub for sure. The very guy, the pub owner, was named (let's call him Mick shall we? -- Will) and until Sunday morning 06.00 in the morning he couldn't believe he had won more money on the 2 nights than in the previous 2 years. Once the crowd was gone, we started with a sing-song and what an experience it was. Memorable for a foreigner anyway, and despite the beer the songs were incredibly touching!

The first funny event, according to my standard, is that around 03.00 on the first night, doors closed, we hear somebody knocking at the door. "Garda" says the poor old Mick. He switches off the lights so that they might go away. We were supposed to shut up but considering the amount of drinks in each of them (I never drink -- Jean) nervous laughter was spreading widely across the audience and after 10 minutes of knocking at the door. the pub owner opens to the cops and begins to negotiate with them. Surely, after an orange-ish bank note changing hands, they couldn't suspect any illicit drinking in this lovely pub.

The second event is that Sunday morning, already counting all the money in his mind, the water supply at the bar is strangely stopped. What happened? Nobody knows except the 6 or 7 lads that had just won the scrum against the single John (shite, I gave up the name) and the toilet. We have to say that the "room" was 2 square meters at most and that now this 2 square meters be came 2 cubic meters of water in which was floating the poor toilet cabinet! Impressive to see. Funny as well. Funnily enough, I couldn't find a word to qualify the exact state of the room after the scrum. I checked in a dictionary a bit later and discovered all sort of qualifying, that I believe could suit the situation but only one would be close enough to reality :shattered. Thanks John for this lesson of vocabulary.

This time, enough is enough and I stop there. I have many many fantastic souvenirs of this place, this country and hopefully will keep contact with a lot of you. Life in Ireland was easy and beautiful for 4 years. The challenge is on Spain now to try to do as well as you did but surely they'll have to work hard to be as good as you.

Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs, Merci.



Gentle reader,

Paul Brady is playing in the Opera House on the 29th Feb, 1st and 2nd of March.

Sorry for the delivery of this information in, well bits. I'm trying to get the news out there when I find out about it, mainly to stop me forgetting to get the news out there.

take care,


Gardai at Anglesea Street, Cork are appealing to the mother of a baby girl who was left in the grounds of the South Infirmary Victoria Hospital on October 13th, 2003 to contact them.

The baby was left wrapped in clothing in a blue hold all bag.

The baby girl has since been named Sophia and is in very good health.

The mother of Sophia is assured that Gardai will treat her in a caring and sympathetic way and they can be reached on 021-4522022

Monday, January 12, 2004


More gig news,

Juliet Turner
The Cork Opera House
Wednesday 24th March, 2004
Support to be confirmed.
Further biog info from

Following the two sold out shows in The Lobby, Cork and with a release date for her new album 'Seasons Of The Hurricane' for February 13th, Juliet embarks on a national tour and will call to the Cork Opera House on Wednesday 24th March, 2004. (22 euro from The Cork Opera House box office on 021 4270022. Doors 7.30pm)

Other notable concerts are in the Opera House are...
Josh Ritter on Saturday 14th February
Brian Kennedy on Sunday 9th May

take care,

Sax and Soweto

Continuing to build on it’s reputation in the field of jazz performance, Triskel Arts Centre will begin it’s 2004 music programme with a performance by Soweto Kinch, one of the UK’s most exciting and versatile jazz saxophonists, on Sunday January 25 at 8.00pm, €18.00

As an alto player, Soweto is rapidly developing his own sound, which is rich, energetic and dynamic. Though Soweto clearly has a strong respect for tradition, he is continually exploring his jazz inheritance. His musical influences are as broad as they are diverse, where he admires and emulates the work of Benny Carter, Charlie Parker and Ornette Coleman in extending the ‘voice’ of the alto saxophone. Soweto is essentially a self-taught musician who has supplemented his musical education by gathering information from books and transcribing jazz recordings.

Soweto’s debut album, Conversations with the Unseen, landed him a MOBO Award for ‘Best Jazz Act’ in September 2003, he also holds the mantle of ‘Rising Star’, as awarded by BBC Radio Jazz Awards. In addition to the alto saxophone, Soweto plays soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, and piano.

Soweto will be joined on stage by guitarist Femi Temowo, double bassist Michael Olatuja and drummer Troy Miller.

For information about contact the TRISKEL BOX OFFICE: TELEPHONE 021 4272022

Barnes storming

Gentle reader,

Clive Barnes performs the Triskel Arts Centre on Friday Feb 6th.
Special guest on the night will be Eoin Coughlan performing a set of
new material.

take care,

A little late

Gentle reader,

I think that this is on in the Firkin Crane up in Shandon.
I'm not a dancer (proud owner of two left feet) but I know some people who can and do.

Your chance to meet Ursula & Anthony Mawson, resident artists at the Institute for Choreography and Dance on Sunday January 11 at 3pm (I know, I'm late)

"It is difficult to put into words exactly what the work of these two German conceptual artists is.." and the description doesn't belong in this blog.

Their residency runs from Monday January 12 to Saturday January 24.
(which is more of a visit than a residence in my opinion, but I don't write the press releases for the ICD)

There is also a presentation on Thursday 22 at 4pm and Friday 23 at 7pm (with free entry)

"Made possible by the generous support of the Berliner Senatsverwaltung fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur /
Internationaler Kulturaustaustausch and ICD"


take care,

Friday, January 09, 2004

War(lord) zone

Gentle reader,

What do you feel about the price free?

The Warlords of Pez
The Lobby Bar, 1 Union Quay, Cork
January 10, 9pm,
admission free

take care (not to get crushed in the rush),

Thursday, January 08, 2004


Gentle reader,

Sometimes spam can be entertaining!

Wed 12:16 Leigh Lilly No Prescription Necessary for the New Year 1 kb
Of course not, 2004 arrived regardless...

Wed 13:56 Franklin Haas THe patch works For 2004 1 kb
At last, the patch which will help you prevent 2004 from occurring!

Wed 14:48 Sergio Henderson Learn to make a fortene on eBay! jd sf 2 kb
According to tene is a verb of "teen". So you can make a teenager on Ebay. Isn't that illegal?

Wed 18:19 Impulsive Some un/known facts about ...... testicles 2 kb
I think this might be a legitimate mail about testicular cancer, but I'll still consider it spam.

Wed 20:34 Carrie Werner Earn huge mondenominateey quickly from home... 5 kb
What a "mondenominateey"

Wed 21:21 Cassie Keith iowa greta cress jettison 4 kb
Today 07:01 Jillian Hagan d's born koppers marjorie 4 kb
Don't you just love random word generators

Today 00:53 Braun Re: CX, duplicate keys belonging 2 kb
Yes folks, let CX copy the keys to your front door. Just give us your front door key, your address and details on how to turn off your alarm system :)

take care,

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Gentle reader,

The Lobby has sent out it's January listing, so it's time for my completely biased look at what I'd like to see...

Skipping to today's date...
Wed 7th to be confirmed...
Oh well...

Here are two local acts getting a weekend slot, so wither they are good or the Lobby had an empty weekend!

Fri 16th Jason O'Driscoll €7
Jason has made his mark on the music scene,
playing in and around Cork for the past few years. Recently released his excellent and long awaited debut album Dharma.

Sat 17th Urbandrive €7
Cork based band featuring Richard Macilwraith, Caroline McCall, Brian Murphy and Gary Pearson. Formed in 2002 when four experienced musicians amalgamated to experiment in developing their original material and background influences to produce their debut EP which was released to much critical acclaim.

Now this one I want to see, just for value for money....
Thurs 22nd Rulers of the Planet €7
This Cork 5-piece are back with a
scintillating follow-up to their debut EP. We Are The Late Night Terror Death Squad should confirm to anyone who heard their excellent debut that Rulers of the Planet are at the top of the pile of this country's hard rocking bands.
Special guests La Rocca.

I have personal reasons for promoting this band...
Sat 24th Elephant Cork based band. €7
Catherine is in the band, and I did Jesus Christ Super Star with her.
I still think that Elephant is a really bad name, but it's the level of curiosity which is making me go to this...
I've heard her sing, but not the band.
Catherine is also a very nice person. This is coming from me and I trust me on this.

Isn't it annoying when a name rings a bell, and you can't figure out why. That's the case with...
Wed 28th Clare O'Mahony €7
Singer/songwriter from Cork. "Soulfire" her 5-track self-released CD has received rave reviews. "If you've not previously had the pleasure then do yourself a favour, because it's impressive stuff indeed. "Soulfire" is a low-key, folky and lovely introduction to a new voice who sounds capable of making a real mark in the future". Plus Andy Dunne.

that's all for now...

Take care,


"Is Bertie (Ahern) still dragging his feet about paying for the Cork School of Music?"
"Bertie! What would he know about music. He's married to Westlife."

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

It's sad when you agree with a madman...

From CNN.Com: "- SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il has defined three types of fools in the 21st century: people who smoke, people who don't appreciate music and people who can't use a computer. "

I'm back...

Thanks to the wonder of Blogger there will be some posts between December 19 and now, but I'm only back now.

Sometimes separation fro a keyboard is nice:)

take care,

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Quotable quotes

"Money isn't everything, but it's hands when you're going for the messages."
-- Johnny Clarkson

Thursday, January 01, 2004

As jober as a sudge

Happy new year...

75 terms for being drunk

full / bombed / off your face / wellied / bladdered / in your cups / half-seas over / legless / ratted / happy / sotted / boozed up / mellow / shit-faced / fuddled / smashed / blasted / paralytic / wrecked / tight / juiced / tipsy / pissed as a newt / clobbered / totalled / worse for wear / como’d / blue / sloshed / lit / razzled / drunk as a lord / bleezing / langered / tanked up / guttered / miraculous / stinko / on the sauce / hoovered / mashed / pished / Brahms and Liszt / out of your tree / three sheets to the wind / squiffy / woozy / trollied / under the influence / locked / blitzed / steaming / trousered / plastered / blotto / nappy / fleein’ / trashed / pickled / rat-arsed / blootered / ripe / seshed / zombied / shot / high / merry / lush / wasted / soaked / out of your box / soused / pie-eyed / hammered / sozzled

Stolen from Roddy Lumsden

Quotable quotes

Every hour wounds, the last one kills