Friday, April 30, 2004

Viva the weekend

Gentle reader,

I've just done something I've not tried to do since the last film festival.

With the Film Festival (the 2004 site doesn't have listing yet, so I'm not linking to it), you have a schedule for the week, and you pick what you think you would like, or take pot luck.
This long weekend, I'm trying something similar with and the guide for the "day of welcomes".

On Friday... I've mentioned Elephant before and their album launch is tonight, so I'm going to that in the Granary. And probably buying a copy of the album too.

On Saturday, the two guides overlap, in the form of the John Spillanne (2.10pm) and North Cregg (2.40) following the Cork Pops Orchestra kicking the welcome things off on Patrick Street. And to round off the afternoon, Snatch move from spending a morning in Fitzgerald Park to the dryer location of the Bogeda at 4pm (they are also there on Sunday).

I can't make the Sunday venture as there are showcase gigs at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday in An Crúiscín Lán. There is something about a mixed showcase that just smells of promise. That's how I say the Waiting Room for the first time.

Back to the evenings, and the Lobby sees Niall Connolly, Paddy O'Herlihy & Billy Ramsell (who I thought was a poet, not a singer) play on Saturday. Sunday... well I'd love to see Therapy? in Cyprus Avenue, but I think it's all sold out, I wonder if they have any tickets left in Cobh for the Four of Us?

I'm hoping to be busy...

take care,

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Are you...

Are you looking for that special dress for that special bride?

The comments make it more fun than it should be.

take care,

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Gentle reader,

This weekend I returned to "the mothership". I'm not much of a radio listener, in fact I only hear it first thing in the morning (clock-radio alarm) and when driving. She on the other hand loves listening to the thing.

She is also a RTE Radio One listener. But I do love one of her shows... Sunday Miscellany. If you have never heard it, Sunday Miscellany is a collection of short stories, around three or four minutes long, usually by an Irish writer or with some other Irish connection. Between the stories are pieces of music usually barely related to the topic of the story before it.

I wonder if RTE know what they have on their hands. I mean, the stories are ideal download length, and if you could pick and choose, or simply group them together by topic, you would have a great spoken word piece to give to someone. I don't know the legal situation, but themed CD's with classical music from the RTE orchestras and choirs would work brilliantly. I can see a Munster collection selling well!

On May 2nd (when all the stories are about working in some way), there is a Cork connection.
"Colette Olney looks at generations of Cork women who ran a family hotel business imprinting their own personalities on the establishment in the process. "

Considering the celebrations involved with Cork Unplugged and the "day of welcomes" I suspect Sunday morning is not going to see much of me, but it would be... interesting.

You would be surprised at what Interesting will do to you!

take care,

Friday, April 23, 2004

Cork welcomes Slovakia

Gentle reader,

I've started getting bumph on the various Irish town and cities welcoming the new entrants in to the EU.

Direct link, which mat change.

The celebration on May Day (everyone loves a bank holiday), are nice!
Patrick Street looks like its going to be closed off for lots of gigs (and the Lord Mayor doing the official bits at the beginning), and the "Bizarre Bazaar" in Fitzgerald's Park looks ...

Well it looks plain weird; "a synergistic event fusing art, craft, performances and food". That description sounds like a performance art food fight. Considering that the Snatch crew are going to be there, it might not be too far fetched a description.

The other odd looking thing is "Brown Thomas Window" (but there are lots of windows") in which "will display pre-recorded footage of dance theatre, combined with live dance performance". I see breakages on the horizon.

Something that I've been told to check out is.. Club One, Phoenix Street, Electric Rain. It sounds like the odd mix of music, poetry, performance and art (and what ever you're having yourself) that used to take place in the Cruscin Lan.

Anyway, that's next weekend.
This weekend I've got to see a man about a bike!

take care,

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Things I learned from cycling training

I'm a beginer.
When offered the easy route, take it until I build up the stamina I need to handle the hard route.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Just what I ... er ... needed

Gentle reader,

I remember a few years back that Fyffes has an advert where somebody "seriously mad about bananas" takes a bunch from the shop to his car, and put each banana in it's own foam pocket in the boot of the car.

Well... something similar to this joke exists.

Spotted on Gizmodo is the BananaGuard.

It's a "hard plastic, ventilated shell with a sturdy locking mechanism"..."designed to fit the vast majority of bananas". It also looks like the kind of toy that Anne Summers would stock.

Can someone confirm that they moved in to Cork recently. Summers, I'm sure that BananaGuard is going to remain in the US with a price tag of $5 each.

take care,

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

It's alive and swearing

Gentle reader,

First off, Cyclefly are alive!

I thought that since the band got dropped and Jean's playing in Juute that Cyclefly was no more. Well I was wrong!

Jean-Mi has indeed left, but there is someone else in his place; James Welch, and Decky has lost the hair. They are due to play An Cruiscin Lan on April 23. Turns out that they've been busy writing new material and training in the replacement.

In other "news". Want to swear in fluent Irish? This site has a "handy" list of swearwords, (well really swear sayings) and their English translation...

How "bog" translates from Irish in to ... that, is slightly beyond me.

take care,

Monday, April 19, 2004

Climbing all those mountains

Gentle reader,

I've climbed that bloody mountain and crossed that stream. The run of "The Sound of Music" has finished in the Opera House.

A few images will remain in my head....

The stage crew enacting their version of "So long, farewell" while the kids were performing it on stage.
It sounds silly, but it keeps certain things going...

the "conversations at the party", really a series of one liners trying to make someone burst out laughing in front of the audience...

McTwirl's quote "but they were having straight sex!", which is weird out of context, and even weirder in context.

So with the show over I have my evening back.

So I get to climb mountains.

I'm in a cycling "club" (note it is not a club for all you legal types out there. I walks like a club, it quacks like a club, but it's not a club, since "club" means something in legal terms).
And as you can guess, a cycling club means climbing mountains.
The hard way.

take care,

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

So clear

Gentle reader,

There is a new trend afoot... transparency.

Of course there are geeker noises of excitement. Clear Duct Tape. All the sticking power, with the ability to see the hole underneath!

(This product should not be used to repair torn underwear!)

Also of interest from an Irish perspective is the clarity being brought to the .ie internet domain.
After the battle between UCD and various parts of .ie Domain Registry (IEDR) Ltd, the government decided to hand control over to ComReg, Ireland's communications regulator.

Hopefully this means that getting a .ie domain will clearer.

take care,

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

An Northern Irish angle on Iraq...

Martin Kelly of the Washington Dispatch compares the Coalition forces in Iraq with that of the Northern Ireland situation for the British.

I'm choosing my words carefully here. I've spent most of this long weekend away from PCs, TVs, radio and newspapers (but not Playstations... to which the bags under my eyes can attest), but I know things got worse recently.

It's amazing how little gets effected by a huge event somewhere else.

I would have expected shock and dismay, but I got chats about what people did over the weekend (and the complicated love triangles that McWhirler keeps bumping between, more on this much much later) and how much chocolate was eaten. And how people worked around the "no alcohol for sale on Good Friday" rule (the Opera House was packed for that half and hour).

But no "news" news, just gossip.

Well I suppose friends are more interesting that nameless faces, and faceless names on the screen.

take care,

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Quotable quotes

"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insuficiently advanced."
-- Geek's Corolary to Clarke's Law

Monday, April 05, 2004

Catching a 419 spammer in the act

Gentle reader,

I hate spam. I have one e-mail account that gets about 400+ messages a day. All spam.

Anyway this guy got caught in the act of those fraud spams, you know the "I would like to introduce myself to you ..." ones. The interesting thing is that he was caught in the act while in a Dublin Internet cafe. The details are here.

It makes interesting reading.
With thanks to Donncha

take care,

News Dump

Gentle reader,
Some news for you...

Ash have just released the first new material from their 4th full-length album, Meltdown , in the shape of the download-only single, Clones, which is available with an option to view the video for the song. All details of the download are available at the band’s brand new website Meltdown is due for release on 14 May and there will be a full commercial single released on 23 April.

Bell X1 are releasing a new single, Eve, The Apple of My Eye, on May 21. Its taken from their rapidly approaching platinum album, Music In Mouth.

Clayhill have just released their début mini album, Cuban Green, on Eat Sleep Records (and recently toured with the Webb Brothers). The whole of their mini-album is available to listen to on a live stream on their site, and the track "Figure Of Eight" is available as a free download.

Adam Snyder has a new single, "Leaves Of Grass" (HTI), available as a free download from his site. Taken from the début album, Across The Pond, "Leaves Of Grass" has been given a classic and sublime mix by none other than Marius de Vries! (I have no idea who Marius de Vries is, the "!" is on the press release).

Dublin-based 3-piece Alphastates release a new album Made From Sand on April 2.

Recent Rough Trade signing and Dublin 4-piece Hal gear up for the release of their début single, "Worry About The Wind", on 23 April 2004.

Autamata re-release the album, My Sanctuary, on RG Records on 23 April 2004. Substantially re-recorded, re-mixed, re-mastered, with extensive new artwork and including the much-lauded video for the "Jellyman" single, it is a wholly different beast to the original domestic project of 3 years ago.

Stanley Super 800 release their début, self-titled album on 16 April on their own Bingo label and do a LOT of touring, including De Barras in Clonakilty on Saturday 24 and An Brog on Wednesday May 5.

And the 3-piece Waiting Room have been confirmed to headline one of the Last Splash Live shows which takes place in The Lobby, Cork on Thursday 6 May.

and finally, she's back...

Rendez-vous is an album of duets and collaborations where she sings in French and English with artists including Manu Chao, Bryan Ferry and Brian Molko (of Placebo).

Take care,

More Info Dump

Gentle reader,

Another Info Dump, with my usual opinions of what is good and worth seeing.

The Triskel Arts Centre holds an illustrated talk by Michael Gray entitled Bob Dylan & the History of Rock ‘n’ Roll on Wednesday 28 April, 8.00pm, €12.

Michael Gray is regarded as a world authority on the work of Bob Dylan. There is nothing dry or academic about Gray’s talks. They are lively, witty and mix surprising slices of music with a fresh account of music history.

Well I have to mention that Cork Opera House in association with Bryan Flynn TheatriX presents The Sound of Music, open on April 2 and ending on Saturday April 17 (oddly it starts at 7.30pm and not the usual 8pm). This powerful version of the heart-rending story ... blah blah blah. I'm in it. That's why I'm mentioning it. Its good. Honest!

My Brother Johnny Cash is the strangely titled gig on Sunday 11th April (at a more normal 8pm) presented by Tommy Cash & The Cash Crew band.

The much beloved by RTE Morning presenters Calexico play the Opera House on Wednesday 14th April.

Someone who make be looking for such a good looking woman is Joe Dolan who appears on Sunday 18th April.

A quick run down...
Paddy Casey on Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th April.
Sunset Boulevard in concert (which may mean it's not the full stage show, No details I'm afraid) is on stage performed by Petula Clark and Michael Ball on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 April.
The Rat Pack – Live from Las Vegas (no I don't understand that bit either) from Monday 26th April until Saturday 1st May.
I have no idea how they are going to perform it but Charlotte’s Web appears on the Opera House stage from Wednesday May 5th until Saturday 8th May (again at the 7.30pm slot).
Brian Kennedy returns to touring, visiting Cork Opera House on May 9 at 7.30pm with tickets at a slightly pricy €30.
Rashomon presented by Storytellers Theatre Company in association with Cork Opera House on Tuesday 11th 'til Saturday 15th May.

Heading over to what I think are the highlights of the Lobby's listings... You know it's going to be odd seeing gigs without being in a smoke filled room...

The Dudley Corporation play on Saturday April 10th with tickets at €7.

Juute are a four piece from Cork whose short career has thus far been attracting the attention of many in the Irish music press and promoters and they are playing on Thursday 15th with tickets at €7.

The legendary John Spillane plays two dates
on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th. By the way, when did he win Meteor awards.

Having more of less finished his new album, Mark Geary starts touring Ireland on 17 April. He visits the Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh on Monday April 19 and in the Lobby on Wednesday April 21.

The lapslide guitarist singer/songwriter Clive Barnes is promoting his fourth album Goldtooth Cinnamon by gigging on Friday April 23.

The 80's are reforming with the return of Blink playing on Saturday 24. The band’s third album "Deep Inside the Sound of Sadness" is set for a summer release. Special guests Brand New Messiahs.

The Future Kings of Spain : have a bumper CD/DVD package ready for release on May 14 and visit the Old Oak (or it's sister venue around the corner Cyprus Avenue) in April 23.

The Half Moon Theatre have a few notable gigs this month...
Roy Ayers plays on Monday 5th April.
Rodrigo y Gabriela have a two night gig on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th April.
Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club play on Friday 30th April & Saturday 1st May.

And finally in the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh presents a day of sound/noise/art on Thursday 8 April 11am – 7:30pm called Soundwave. Soundwave is a one day sound art event which will include installations, performances and talks exploring sounds and noises, bending the boundary between art, sound and music.

It sounds plain weird. The performers and speakers include Alex Walsh (photographer and sound artist), Mick O’Shea (noise machines), Una Quigley (video, sound and visual artist) and Danny McCarthy (sound artist).

take care,

Cork news

Two men were killed in separate road accidents in Co. Cork last evening (Sunday).

The first accident occurred at Ballygiblin Cecilstown, Mallow, Co. Cork at 11pm approximately. The driver of a 4 wheel driver vehicle lost control of his vehicle and crashed through a ditch into a field. The driver, a man in his fifties, was removed to Cork University Hospital by ambulance and was pronounced dead a short time later.

The second accident occurred at Rahtduff Grenagh, Co. Cork at 11.20pm and involved a two car collision. The driver of one of the cars, a man in his twenties, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the other car was taken to Cork University Hospital with injuries not thought to be life threatening. Gardai from Gurranabraher Garda Station attended the scene and are investigating.

No names being released yet.

I'll pass on more news as I get it.


Friday, April 02, 2004

Some things just never die

Gentle reader,

I was thinking about buying the 1991 movie The Commitments, then I discovered that there is a "Collector's Edition" due out soon. I also discovered that they never died.

Or rather the band didn't quite die when the movie ended. On CNN is an interview with Dick Massey (a.k.a. Billy Mooney) and Ken McCluskey (a.k.a. Derek Scully) are in the real band that plays as the Commitments.

Of course some of the cast are sill in music and movies. The Frames' Glen Hansard and Maria Kennedy Doyle have links to their band's sites on the right. Andrew Strong is big in Denmark. Robert Arkins (Jimmy Rabbit) is playing somewhere still, and Jimmy's little sister made it big time. She was played by Andrea Corr.

Angeline Ball, Bronagh Gallagher and the little know Colm Meaney are still acting strong.

Still how often does a fictional band survive ten years. S-Club 7 didn't last that long:)

take care,

Too much "dumped" information

Gentle reader,

I like blogs. (well this is a blog so I tend to like other blogs... and so on).

Anyway, I've been playing with Kinja.

It's another one of Nick Denton's babies. Still in beta, but it appears to work like this...
You enter the URL of a blog you want to 'track'. It parses it, and keeps an eye on it.
When the blog is updated, it adds (the beginning of) that update to your selection of blogs.
So instead of trawling through several (or more) blogs every day, you get to see all the updates in one place.

You still have to go to the blog in question to read the full post, but with infrequent posters like me, it's useful. Also you can get to see the spreading of a meme in almost real time.

There is one "major" bug in it... when you enter a blog which is not in it's database, it bumps all the past posts in to the digest in one, well, info dump (which reminds me, I have another one on the way).

Which means, since it only went live yesterday, unless someone else entered the blog you want to keep an eye on, you end up with a LOT of already read posts, effectively blocking your current view.

It's only nasty for the first hour or so but it's a pain.
Once it's in the system, things run smoothly.

Well, as smooth as a blog anyway...

take care,

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Just a little thing

Gentle reader,

If this is an April Fools Day prank, it can be considered public domain and so can be turned in to a product without the need of a patent!

The SIMKey Keyring Databank looks like a keyring PDA. It takes the SIM card from your phone and stores it in it's memory. It also has enough memory for three sim cards. And once the card in in there, you can add and remove your numbers.

If you've ever lost your phone (or corrupted your sim card), then getting the numbers in to a new sim card is the worst part of the process. This way, if you uploaded the numbers first, its a doddle.

On the same site they also have the Mogo SIM Card Backup which sounds like a simpler version (single function) version of the same thing.

There is also stuff I will never user, like the "World's Smallest Travel Hairdryer" and the "Transparent Pink Glitter Safe". On the other hand the non-tech Twister Duvet Cover looks like fun!

take care,