Friday, December 09, 2005

All I want for Christmas is T

First off, thanks for the link Rick.

T'is the season of spending too much. So, as is traditional, Mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas...

Well, lets see. I do need shelves (There are a lot of books still in boxes from the move, with nowhere to go). However I can get that myself.

I do want tiles, as I need to tile the wall behind the shower, but the temporary solution is working very well (four cheap shower curtains, three shower rods, two shower gels and a tacky Christmas tune themed parody). Besides, I want to pick the boring plain tiles myself.

I don't want clothes (too many), I don't want sweets and biscuits (the western front is expanding despite the best efforts of Fat Boy Slim).
I don't want anything that needs batteries (no sniggering). I don't want CD's or DVD's or books (I have a backlog as it is).

I will accept cash (in any currency except those giant stones with a hole in them (then again, they would look good in the garden)), after all who wouldn't. Brown paper envelopes are optional.

What I want for Christmas is tea.
None of your fancy herbal stuff (but Earl Grey is nice, and Irish Breakfast is almost strong enough for me).
Yup, good old fashioned Barry's Gold Blend.
Better still would be if the tea is accompanied by a long chat, a pot, cups and milk.

OK, what I want for Christmas is time. To think. To catch up.

Have a cup...


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