Friday, June 29, 2007

Cold cuts

Joe Drumgoole has showed off a fridge of shame, for which I'd like to thank Karlin for reminding me and partially wondering if a fridge should be made available for everyone going on the PaddyValley trip?

To explain, when I worked in cubicle land, every cube had a whiteboard for explaining things. You could always tell a highly detailed explanation when the smell of the fumes wafted around the building. I suspect that whiteboard marker fumes are necessary for our technological progression much in the same way that leaking gasses were necessary for the Oracle at Delphi to have her (their?) visions of the future.

Notice how the Celtic tiger arrived around the same time as school leavers who when to the schools that got rid of their chalk based blackboards and moved on to the marker based whiteboards?

Of course, if you are a small start up or a single entrepreneur working on a laptop in their kitchen, or a small start-up where the meeting room is the break room) you simply don't have room for a whiteboard. Until NOW. GE have made a whiteboard covered fridge available in Brazil. Think about it. All your cold caffeine needs and a display platform combined in one!

Personally, I think whiteboard paint should be made available for rooms. Better still would be magnetic whiteboard paint so you could leave messages to yourself without all the fumes.

As you can see from the picture below, I'm more of a magnet man than a drawer.

now then, should I tag people for fridge pictures, or would that be cruel?

stay cool,

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