Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Navan on your lips

I can't believe that Una missed this in her articles of the day link a few days back.

The first link is an article in Business Week about the importance of branding. Clearly a catchy name can make or break a product. Which brings me to Navan, a town in County Meath, Ireland, and I suppose Navan Man.

What has this got to do with branding? Well in the Business Week article, they mention Navan. Or rather Navan, which is apparently a "fusion of natural black vanilla from Madagascar with refined French cognacs" (probably a Grand Marnier blend) and even is part of Hevan; equal parts Navan and Hennessy VOSP. There's even a review of the drink available.

I've been looking at the Navanworld (which sounds like a scary nightclub, and I worked in the town for a while) website, and I can't figure out where the name came from.

Having said that, imagine drinks based on Navan Man?
Did they even search the name before they used it?
And if they did were they thinking Brosnan, Ó hEochagáin or Tiernan? Given the Black Books connection to drink, it's got to be Dylan Moran that they had in mind.

I wonder if they smell of vanilla and cognac now?

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