Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Evolution of the advert

I'm going to talk about adverts, well one advert and its effect. Don't worry it's not that Tracker mortgage fallout.

I'd like to blame the Hobson and Holtz For Immediate Release podcast for this embedded video. It's an advert for Dove as part of the "Campaign for Real Beauty" which shows all the hard work (hair, make-up, visual effects) needed to get a good looking model up there on the billboards...

But it's slightly scarier to see this parody which turns an OK looking man in to the a good looking female model... using exactly the same techniques..

Now these "viral videos" have a point. The first point is that Dove spent a shiftload on a 30 second spot on the Superbowl, and a few thousand on the first video... yet got a higher return on investment on the YouTube one.

Secondly, the YouTube video has A won the top prize for TV and cinema advertising in the Film category of the Grand Prix Cannes Lions advertising festival. Which means download only (or streaming only) is now considered a proper format by the industry.

And finally... this shows us that the impossible images being projected on a regular basis are indeed impossible. Which makes a certain group on which these images are projected feel so much better.

Which is a good thing.

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