Saturday, September 29, 2007

Live blogging Podcamp

Thankfully things started a little late, I'm convinced that the road signs around Kilkenny are designed to stop people finding the city centre. Anyway, currently watching the "social Media and business" panel.

Keith Bohanna Pure Play "Most businesses have no use for microblogging"

Michael Byrne QBC "Conn is my neighbour" which explains how he got dragged in there, despite how suitable it was for his business.

Tom Murphy Microsoft "Social media to me is a whole range of tools to allow people to talk together"
"The blog was the first social media tool"
It was passive, you sat down and watched TV. Now people are making content and watching each others" ... but there is life in old media yet.

Neville Hobson
"It's now called mainstream media" - there is a big back channel

"its as techie as you want it to be".. "It's about finding your level"

"You can be online in 10 minutes if you want"

"Rss goes way over their heads"
"For non-techies, RSS doesn't come in to it at all"
RSS feeds "is exactly the same list as your favourites"... "but you see the new content"

"How I explain it yo my mother... If you visit 20 websites a day... to see if there is anything new posted... if you ever do think is there a better way of doing this? ... with RSS... All the content is on one screen"
"Does anyone really care what its called?"

on RSS "It comes to your door"

"Over the last year, there is much lower resistance for blogging with small businesses".. after talking to Mulley "its much easier since they have been converted"

"Its all about your audience"
"The platform ... automatically generate the feeds"

How do you make money (no consulting fees allowed)

QBC "Value is in the eye of the beholder"... "One company we work with has a rep in Donegal... and another in Munster. If you are a sales manager with a diverse workforce... what do you do? There are lot of books about motivating people ... the number one postulate is 'do not demotivate them'
If the guy in Dingle has a great day, he doesn't get the praise, and if you fall in to a puddle and have a bad day, you want to share that. So I get them to call in to a conference call... That call is tuned in to a podcast internal in the company and everyone hears it"... "The power of this stuff is that it's now and it's instant" ..." and it's heard in the whole internation comany" "when [the marketing people] hear the real stories on the ground are shocked since the perception does not match"
"Adding the value and making money .. means setting up quite strict structures [so the value of the content can be seen] and then you can be creative"

On companies blogging
"It puts a human face on the company" "Blogs ... give a much more colourful insight to the internals of a company.. and allows you to go much broader. ... Allows the [blogger] to go in to features. ... There are issues and dangers ... people can get

marketing was 'we control the message and you have to take what we tell you' social media is a loss of control to them. ... They 'buy' the value of social media, but they are nervous.

"What all companies should be doing is paying attention to what others are saying about them out there" ... "you will write about your experience with them"

"Usually when a customer goes nuts its because of the gap between their expectations and what they got." ... "Send them a twitter before they visit your hotel and ask 'What were you expecting' and another 'what did you get' and let the people in the organization see this" -- Finally a business use for social media!

Directed soundbytes
If you're in the area of business and you are looking at lead generation, what is the one thing (social media) you would engourage
"Know your audience. If your audience is using this, then use it"

Neville .. PR
"Sign up for google alerts for yourself competitors what ever and technorati (ice rocket, (some are paid for) custom scoop, and the other 4 or 5 places so you have the ways and means to tell what people are saying about you. And the conversations are exponentially growing

Micro/small business
One of the things behind successful blogging is time. Credibility can't come from a well developed website by itself. e.b Worldwide cycling, and they blog about the races for over a year on the pro-am circuit... that gives them credibility

"Mind the gap"... "the experience that the product makes IS your brand"

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