Wednesday, September 26, 2007

telephone tag

Stephen D. Levitt of freakonomics fame wants people to wear a freakonomics t-shirt if they are audtioning for Sci Fi’s "Brain Trust" reality TV show. When did they show showing sci-fi and start showing reality TV?

It seems that the thrust of the show is to solve previously unsolvable everyday problems. So far so pointless.

But since they want applicants to solve a single everyday problem of no major social importance what would it be? And what out of the box approach would you use to solve it?

So I thought about it...

I would like to get a training programme running for people leaving phone messages. Teach them to slow down when leaving a reply number if nothing else.

How to do this... telephone tag.

A phone based contest where a baton "phrase phone number" is passed from one person to another. Cash (or mobiles) for prizes, but the person who drops it looses out. All contestants must be pre-registered.

Sorry about the "his", its being used for ease, pretend its his/her or her...

A contestant gets a recorded message on his voice-mail with the phrase number and a number to call. The contestant must pass a message and the phrase number and the number he is calling to the number in the message.
This message is recorded, and passed another contestant.

If a contestant does not call before a certain both the contestant and the person before him are deemed to have dropped the baton.

Both are dropped, and the "telephone tag" continues with the rest of the contestants. Continue until you have the required number of winners.

Now could I get Nokia or Apple to sponsor it... (or a launch idea for MaxRoam?)

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