Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Breaking up

Dear Will,

Forgive me, but I'm taking it slow. You see, when I first met T, it was wonderful. All the attention I got, all the stories we shared. Even friends of friends became my friends as the conversation flowed like cheap wine at a party.

But things changes. For no reason all contact would be lost. It would last all day, calls going unheeded, connections being refused. It was almost as if all the focus was on a different time zone.

Then, old messages started to go. Friends didn't want anything to do with T any more and moved elsewhere. I realised that I simply couldn't rely on T.
And that's when I met Jaik. Not as easy as T. Things were more complicated (on occasion sleep keeps being interrupted, but I'll forgive that). I still see T sometimes. But my friends don't call around as often. They seem to prefer Jaik.

I'm not sure I should rush headlong in to this! Am I being unfaithful by seeing two systems at the same time? Should I take things slow?


Dear Burnt,

Social media is all about relationships. If a system abuses you, should you keep using it? What do you get out of it. Sometimes it's OK to be selfish.

As for using multiple systems at the same time. No problem. Do what feels right for you. If taking things slow make sense to you, then take things slow. Build or prune your "friend" list as yo see fit. No one will take it badly (but if you're following over 150 people, you may want to make sure you actually care about all 400 of them).

Despite what some people say social media isn't a fad or a phase. More importantly its not about business value either. It's about links to other real people.

True, some are for geeks, and some really appeal to the cool kids or the business set. However each group will welcome you in it's own way. Or not. You should at least take a look at each group before you decide it's not for you. And if the site treats you badly, you don't have to continue.

If you feel you need to leave; leave. You have nothing to loose but your chains of friends... and if they are leaving too, you really have nothing to loose.

break free,

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Anonymous supershadow said...

T is not a star wars fan.
otherwise he would not treat u like that. grandad is good but his pride is his enemy

9:03 p.m., October 13, 2007  
Blogger cork-host said...

Supershadow. What does Twitter have to do with Star Wars?

6:57 p.m., October 14, 2007  

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